Student's Speak

My college is not only an institution of knowledge and education but also basis to build up confidence and courage in me. My college (principal ma’am, teachers, and friends)have given me a lesson for hard work and indeed with this invaluable lesson,I have improved a lot. Now i have a new feeling of positive attitude and enthusiasm in me. Teachers in my college are very good friends of each and every student. I am very fortunate to have teachers like them. Our college is using advanced techniques for teaching. The way of explaining by our faculty members is the best way adopted in any of the colleges.The principal ma’am of the college Dr.Gita Sharma always acts as a mother and with her calmness and politeness solves every problem that we come across. After a specified interval of time, she by organizing meetings with our faculty members and members of the management finds out ways of growth of student. This college gave me a precious gift of harmony, love and friendship. This college is my small and sweet family. If i have an opportunity to suggest college to any of my junior friends i would like to suggest maheshwari college of commerce and arts and love life.

Nidhi Gaur (B.B.A.IV sem)

mcca is my dream college. After coming to this college all my dreams are fulfilled . I have heard that the college life is not as good as school life but when i got admission into this college my thoughts are reversed as my opinion got changed towards the college life. All lecturers are very friendly. They are always ready to help the students and cooperate with them. They always motivate them to go ahead in the life. In addition to the good academics we have many cultural activities also. I feel too proud to be a student of this college and i always whisper the song-“ye pal yaad ayenge …………”

Neha Jain(B.Com II year)

Maheshwari college of commerce and arts has not only enhanced my learning and knowledge but its healthy environment, qualified, friendly & motivating teachers helped me to realize my untouched skills. It has enabled in me full and overall thinking & personality change. It has made me more competitive.

Garima Goyal (B.Com II year)

“college is place of learning”
College is a place where students come to second stage of their life. Since my school days i used to think of joining a college to fulfill my dreams of becoming corporate leader. I am sure now my goal is only a step far because students of mcca always have their separate identity among the group. To foster within us the “talent of each shore” we have many activities like cultural programs, sports, personality grooming classes in our college. During our college hours we study, play games, interact with teachers and learn many things.

Nitika Agarwal ( II year)

The college has multiple activities to choose from, for instance joining the art club would mean you have a special interest and talent in the area. The college promotes different sports, and lots of volunteer work for overall grooming of the student.

Nainy Jain (B.A. III Year)

College life is that phase in one’s life when one learns the most important lessons of his/her life. It is for the first time in college when an individual is left to himself to make his own decisions. The importance of maintaining good and healthy relations with seniors, batch mates, friends and the faculty is know in this very important phase of life called ‘College life’. At mcca I have learn it all at optimum level.

Chanchal Balodia (B.A. II Year)

One of the most important lessons that i learnt in college that is very useful to me is the art of making things happen while working in a group or a team by coordinating with each other. For instance, when i worked in a group of four members on a project, it was the sense of being in one team that bind all of us together and motivated all of us to put in collective effort in working towards achieving the goal of project completion with excellence…

Prtibha Shekhawat (B.Com III Year)

I would like to say that the best lesson of hard work I have learnt in my college, and I am sure this will help me to perform well in corporate environment. As now I can relate all the Situations and face professional life and its challenges with the lessons learnt in college.

Vidisha Meena (B.A. II Year)

This is the college which has allowed me to focus on multiple issues and has developed my concentrations on various aspects. This college has strengthened my future and has moulded me in such a way that in future I will use my morals and higher education imparted here to understand and cope with other everyday experiences.

Diksha Tak (BBA IV Sem)

Pursuing higher learning, beginning a career, and making event in my family are things I hope to gain from this college education other than a degree. I am sure that I will be able to accomplish these goals as the faculty members who guide me on this path of success are very accomplished.

Kamal Shekhawat (B.A. II year)

This college has taught me lot of lessons which I believe made me a better person. Apart from giving me education college has taught me benefits of Time Management. I had to plan out my time, so I could complete my project on time for submission. I also learnt to believe that my well planned goal is easy to achieve.

Divya Khandelwal (B.Com III year)